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8/15/2017 – THE INTRUDER is now available at &!  Here’s some of what people have been saying about the release:


7/8/2017 – See GP’s new trailer for THE INTRUDER on our YouTube channel here:










7/3/2017 – Garagehouse Pictures is very proud to bring THE INTRUDER, the never-before-released, lost 1975 proto-slasher thriller starring Chris Robinson (who also wrote, produced and directed), Mickey Rooney, Yvonne De Carlo and Ted Cassidy to Blu-ray on 8/1/2017.  Now available for pre-order exclusively at here:









6/22/2017 – Two long-unavailable films from legendary grindhouse auteur Andy Milligan will be coming to Blu-ray in late 2017 from Garagehouse Pictures!  Both releases will be transferred from the original camera negatives and will be packed with exciting bonuses!  Here’s the tentative cover art by Stephen Romano.  Look for more details coming soon.

Coming Soon and New Releases

Web of the Spider

Within this web lies the ultimate horror. An intrepid reporter by the name of Alan Foster (Anthony Franciosa, TENEBRE) accepts a wager from Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus Kinski, NOSFERATU THE VAMPIRE) and his companion, Thomas Blackwood, to spend a single night in the reputedly haunted Blackwood Castle on All Souls Eve. Shortly after settling into …

The Intruder (1975)

Unreleased and lost for more than 40 years, now appearing on Blu-ray for the first time ever! Mickey (THE MANIPULATOR) Rooney, Yvonne (THE MUNSTERS) De Carlo, Ted (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) Cassidy and Chris (STANLEY) Robinson (who also wrote, produced and directed) star in a story of greed, murder and irrational madness. The lust for gold brings …

The Dismembered

  Garagehouse Pictures releases a lost regional horror-comedy, unseen for over 50 years! After a daring jewelry heist, a trio of thieves hold up in an old dark house inhabited by a motley bunch of restless ghosts that only want to dispatch their new guests in the most horrible manner possible – that is if …