The Intruder (1975)

Unreleased and lost for more than 40 years, now appearing on Blu-ray for the first time ever!

Mickey (THE MANIPULATOR) Rooney, Yvonne (THE MUNSTERS) De Carlo, Ted (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) Cassidy and Chris (STANLEY) Robinson (who also wrote, produced and directed) star in a story of greed, murder and irrational madness. The lust for gold brings eleven visitors to a remote island retreat, but an unseen, seemingly unstoppable evil follows to stalk them one by one. The bodies don’t stop dropping until the final shattering conclusion. Who – or what – is the intruder? One thing is for certain: it will not stop until it kills them all.

Pre-dating the slasher movie craze that would become popular several years later, THE INTRUDER is a bloody Agatha Christie-style horror thriller with a body count that rivals FRIDAY THE 13TH and BAY OF BLOOD, with creepy photography by Jack (DERANGED, DEATHDREAM) McGowan.

Garagehouse Pictures is pleased to introduce Chris Robinson’s never-before-released 1975 proto-slasher on Blu-ray, in a painstakingly restored High Definition transfer from the only 35mm film print in existence.

Feature specifications and extras:

  • Transferred in 4K from the only 35mm film print
  • Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks
  • Presented in its original aspect ratio
  • Audio commentary with Chris Robinson
  • Archival interview with Chris Robinson
  • Liner notes
  • Garagehouse Pictures trailers
  • All regions

1975 / 87 mins. / Color / Mono / 1.85:1 / Not Rated

View GP’s trailer for THE INTRUDER here:

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The Intruder (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)


The Dismembered

Dismembered blu ray cover


Garagehouse Pictures releases a lost regional horror-comedy, unseen for over 50 years!

After a daring jewelry heist, a trio of thieves hold up in an old dark house inhabited by a motley bunch of restless ghosts that only want to dispatch their new guests in the most horrible manner possible – that is if they can get to them before the spirits of an unruly group of dismembered corpses from the nearby cemetery!

This unusual regional horror-comedy, directed by Ralph S. Hirshorn, was filmed in Philadelphia, PA in 1962, and makes its debut on home video for the first time ever on a fully restored Blu-ray mastered in 4K from the director’s only surviving 16mm print.

THE DISMEMBERED (aka. OSWALD, YOU BOTCHED IT AGAIN) plays like a cross between Roger Corman and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and evokes the era of American International Pictures and the independent drive-in “B” movie.
View the trailer for THE DISMEMBERED below:

Specs for THE DISMEMBERED are as follows:

  • Feature Specifications and Extras:
  • Transferred & digitally mastered in 4K from the director’s only 16mm film print
  • Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks
  • Audio commentary with director Ralph S. Hirshorn and Andrew Repasky McElhinney (CHRONICLE OF CORPSES)
  • THE END OF SUMMER (1959) – 11 minute short film by Ralph S. Hirshorn
  • Liners notes by Dan Buskirk ( film critic and host of the Fun 2 Know podcast)
  • Trailers for Garagehouse Pictures releases
  • Art by Stephen Romano
  • All regions

1962 / 65 mins. / B&W / Mono / 1.66:1 / Not Rated

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Dismembered (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Trailer Trauma 3: 80s Horror-Thon

Trailer Trauma 3


Relive the awesome age of sadistic slashers and brain-gobbling mutants with TRAILER TRAUMA 3: ‘80s HORROR-THON!

The third compilation of movie previews from Garagehouse Pictures is an mind-staggering, unprecedented, chronological exploration of the history of horror from the 1980s, featuring the scariest, goriest, and craziest trailers from the era! With over 250 trailers (including many red band favorites) and a running time of nearly 7.5 hours, this epic 2-disc set is by far the most ambitious and comprehensive trailer package ever assembled! Including enlightening commentary from fans, filmmakers, journalists, authors, and cult cinema experts, this collection serves as a means of critiquing and educating about the most apocryphal and mind-blowing era of horror movie madness.

TRAILER TRAUMA 3: ‘80s HORROR-THON is a serious, must-have addition to every horror fan’s collection!

Special Features:

  • Transferred & digitally mastered in 4K
  • Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks
  • 2-disc limited edition (of 1500) set
  • Audio commentary by Chris Poggiali, Ted Geoghegan, Michael Gingold, Tim Ferrante, Grady Hendrix, Stephen Romano, Dan Buskirk, James (Doc Terror) Harris and Exhumed Films’ Dan Fraga, Harry Guerro and Jesse Nelson
  • Trailers for Garagehouse Pictures releases
  • Art by Stephen Romano
  • Original music by Ian Zapczynski
  • All regions

2016 / 439 mins. / Color / Mono & Stereo / Not Rated

Trailer Trauma 3: 80s Horror-Thon (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)

The Satanist

The Satanist Cover


THE SATANIST is the lost film from Zoltan G. Spencer (Spencer Crilly), never before available on home video in ANY format and UNSEEN for 46 years. Now Garagehouse Pictures brings this obscure Satanic sexploitation horror film to Blu-ray in a 4K restoration for the first time anywhere!

A writer recovering from a nervous breakdown moves to the country with his wife for a rest cure that turns into a nightmare when the two become unwilling participants in an ancient Satanic ritual and a wild bacchanal of the flesh. Weird forbidden rites, erotic succubi, obscene devil dances: THE SATANIST will take you to the edge of madness!

1968 / 62 mins. / B&W / Mono / Not Rated

Feature Specifications and Extras:

  • 4K Restoration from the only known 35mm film print
  • Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks
  • Presented in its original 1.37:1 aspect ratio
  • Audio Commentary by Chris Poggiali & Ashley West
  • Liner notes by Chris Poggiali
  • Garagehouse Pictures Trailers
  • New artwork by Stephen Romano

Plus added bonus feature: SISTERS IN LEATHER!

• 4K scan from the Original Camera Negative
• Sound digitally remastered from the original optical tracks 1969

1969 / 64 mins. / B&W / Mono / Not Rated

Satanist (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama

Trailer Trauma 2 Cover



TRAILER TRAUMA was only the beginning – now you must prepare yourself as a fresh assault of gruesome ghouls leaps off of the screen and into the driver’s seat! Return to the horrific heyday of drive-in theaters and dusk-till-dawn spook shows with TRAILER TRAUMA 2: DRIVE-IN MONSTERAMA, a celebration of psychotronic cinema and monster movie mayhem! This disc has it all: campy classics (WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS, THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF), Hammer Films favorites (CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER, FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL), absolute absurdities (BRAIN OF BLOOD, THE COMPUTER KILLERS), and much, much more! Featuring commentary by genre aficionados Keith Crocker and George Reis ( and digitally mastered from vintage 35mm film sources, TRAILER TRAUMA 2 is a mutant movie massacre destined to blow your mind and eat you ALIVE!



Feature Specifications:

  • Transferred and Digitally Mastered in 4K from vintage 35mm film sources
  • Sound Digitally Remastered from Original Optical Soundtracks
  • All trailers presented in their Original Aspect Ratios
  • Audio Commentary with Keith Crocker, director of THE BLOODY APE and BLITZKRIEG: ESCAPE FROM STALAG 69, and George Reis, from DVD!
  • Original Menu Music by Ian Zapczynski
  • New Cover Art from Stephen Romano
  • Garagehouse Pictures trailers
  • All Regions

2016 / 203 mins. / Color & B&W

Trailer Trauma 2: Drive-In Monsterama (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Trailer Trauma

Trailer Trauma Cover

“For decades they have lain dormant, waiting for the opportunity to rise again. Now, they have returned…AND THEY WILL CONSUME YOU!”

TRAILER TRAUMA is an unprecedented orgy of sex, violence, and insanity: over 2 hours of rare, ridiculous, horrific, and mind boggling movie previews, many of which are previously unreleased on DVD or VHS. Never before have cinema-goers seen such an onslaught of pulse-pounding excitement! Thrill to the action of BLACK FIST, IRON MASTER, and KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Quiver in horror as you face the DAWN OF THE MUMMY, the REVENGE OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES, and the INCREDIBLE TORTURE SHOW! Scratch your head at the utter absurdity of DEATH BED, MUTANT WAR, and NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! There are other movie preview compilation discs out there, but only TRAILER TRAUMA contains the ultra-rare titles that you absolutely will not find anywhere else. Prepare yourselves, connoisseurs of cult cinema: TRAILER TRAUMA is going to hurt…but it hurts so good!

“A stunning collection of rare coming attractions! One of the best trailer compilations ever!”

– Chris Poggiali, Temple of Schlock

2015 / 137 mins. / Color

Feature Specifications:

  • Transferred & Digitally Mastered in 4K from various 35mm release prints
  • Sound Digitally Remastered from the Original Optical Soundtracks
  • All trailers are presented in their Original Aspect Ratios
  • All Regions
  • Featuring Original Front/Reverse Cover and Disc Art by Stephen Romano
  • Music by Ian Zapczynski

Trailer Trauma (Garagehouse Pictures) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Ninja Busters

Ninja Busters Cover

See Garagehouse Pictures’ trailer for Paul Kyriazi’s NINJA BUSTERS here:

Prepare yourself for a tour de force of martial arts mayhem the likes of which the world has never seen!

Filmed in 1984 but never released, NINJA BUSTERS was a lost movie, never screened for audiences and doomed to obscurity—until now! Thirty years later, the sole 35mm film print of NINJA BUSTERS has been unearthed, allowing this completely insane kung fu comedy to finally be unleashed! Bernie and Chic (karate grandmasters Eric Lee and Sid Campbell) are two loveable goofballs just looking for easy work, sexy ladies, and a good slice of pizza. But a beating from a gang of thugs convinces the buddies to train in the martial arts in the hopes of meeting girls…and maybe learning self-defense. After stumbling across the operations of some illegal weapons dealers and their army of paid ninja assassins, Chic and Bernie must team up with their kung fu comrades to contend with sleazy gangsters, ruthless ninjas, underwear-throwing bikers, militant revolutionaries, and bitchin’ breakdancers. Will our heroes be able to defeat the mob and bust the ninjas? And more importantly, will they ever score with the chicks? Presented for the first time from a 4K digital restoration, NINJA BUSTERS is action packed, absolutely ridiculous, and guaranteed to become a cult film favorite.

Starring Eric Lee, Sid Campbell, Gerald Okamura and Carlos Navarro

Written by Sid Campbell

Produced by Carlos Navarro

Directed by Paul Kyriazi

1984 / 90 minutes / Color


Feature Specifications:

  • Transferred and Digitally Mastered in 4K from the only existing Fine Grain Answer Print
  • Sound Digitally Remastered from the Original Optical Soundtrack
  • Fully Restored and Presented in the Original Panavision 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio
  • 25GB Single Layer Blu-ray
  • All Regions


  • Audio Commentary with Director Paul Kyriazi
  • Introduction by the director
  • THE TOURNMENT, Paul Kyriazi’s First Feature
  •  Fan Testimonials
  • Liner notes by Dan Fraga of Exhumed Films
  • Poster Reproduction Card
  • All new artwork by Stephen Romano